Under the aegis of its founder - writer-director and series creator Savin Yeatman-Eiffel - Sav! The World Productions has developed and produced high-quality commercials, short films and TV series since 1998 with a tight network of regular artistic collaborators, including Head of Production, Yukiko Hirose - a specialist of animation and special effects - and Art Director Loiïc Penon.

It is one of the very rare Western companies to have developed over the years a genuine production and co-production expertise with Japan.

STW currently develops new animated series, including a sequel and a spinoff of Oban Star-Racers, as well as feature films: the historical epic The 2 Queens, in collaboration with animation master Toshiyuki Inoue (Akira; Blood, the Last Vampire; Paprika), and the live-action adaptations of Gen Urobuchi's cult Japanese video game Saya No Uta and of Argentinean playwright Claudio Tolcachir’s award winning play The omission of the Coleman family.

Previous productions of STW include the award winning hit series Oban Star-Racers (26 half-hours), which aired successfully in more than 100 countries worldwide including ABC Family & Toon Disney (US), NHK BS2 (Japan), France 3 (Fr.), Super RTL (Germany), GMTV (UK), RAI2 (Italy) and Jetix/Disney XD; won an Animeland Award and a Polymanga Award; and was nominated at the BAFTA Awards.
The result of a long development process and two and a half years of intensive production in Tokyo and Paris, Oban Star-Racers sets itself apart from other series by the quality of its 2D/3D animation and its attention to detail – carefully crafted designs, rich characters and story – which are similar to those usually found only in feature films.
Oban also marks a unique artistic collaboration between Japan and Europe. STW’s artistic team have lived and worked in Tokyo for more than 2 years, in perfect osmosis with their Japanese partners.

STW also produced short films such as the award-winning Oban Star-Racers pilot film: Molly, Star-Racer (winner of a LEAF AWARD, nominated for Best Editing at the Imagina Awards) or the animated short film Squat, selected at more than 20 major international festivals (Annecy, Anima Mundi, NYUFR, VIFVF etc.)

Outside of its own creations, STW produces for various clients (such as Publicis/Nestlé in Asia) concept designs and animated TV commercials.

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