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OSR creator developing potential sequel and spinoff
(Subject : Oban, Star-Racers - Type : Press Release)

During one of the Oban Star-Racers conferences held at the last Japan Tours Festival, OSR creator Savin Yeatman-Eiffel announced he had started working on a potential sequel and spinoff of the series, in collaboration with OSR co-director Thomas Romain. In March, he later posted a first art-work on his twitter account: @EiffelSavin


Oban 10th Anniversary Celebration !
(Subject : Oban, Star-Racers - Type : Festivals)

It's already been 10 years since Oban Star-Racers' first broadcast. To celebrate the occasion, a number of events will be held at the upcoming Japan Tours Festival: screenings of episodes and pilots, including previously unreleased footage, conferences, artwork exhibition etc. Savin Yeatman-Eiffel, Oban's creator-writer-director, and Stanislas Brunet, Oban's mecha-designer will be present among others. See you all in Tours the 24th, 25th and 26th of February 2017.

Direct link to the Japan Tours Festival website


Sav! The World adapts award winning play
(Subject : Le cas de la famille Coleman - Type : Press Release)

Sav! The World Productions has started developing a feature film based on Claudio Tolcachir's award winning play "La Omisión de la familia Coleman" (aka "The Coleman Family's Omission" - Eng / "Le cas de la Famille Coleman" – Fr).

Based on several months of improvisation with his actors, Claudio’s fascinating play depicts the slow, unavoidable destruction of the Coleman’s family, a down on its luck middle-class family consisting of a sick grand-mother, her only daughter, a woman-child who’s incapable of assuming any responsibilities, and her five misfit children, all born from different fathers. It is a thoughtful study of everyday egotism, the shortcomings of family, and the fear of solitude.

Since its creation in Buenos Aires in 2005, "La Omisión de la familia Coleman" has won a number of prestigious awards such as the ACE AWARD for Best Direction and for Best Argentinean Play, as well as the Best Original Play Award at the Fiesta Nacional del Teatro. It has toured around the world participating, among others, in Hannover’s Festival Theaterformen, Dublin’s Theater Festival, Madrid’s Autumn Festival, Miami’s Festival Hispano, New York’s Latino International Theatre Festival, and was performed extensively in France including at the Rond-Point theater in Paris and at the National Theaters of Strasbourg and Marseille.


Sav! The World inks deal with Japanese game company NitroPlus
(Subject : Saya - Type : Press Release)

Sav! The World Productions has acquired the worldwide adaptation rights for one of NitroPlus' popular visual novel games.

“Through its unique manga, cartoon and video game culture, Japan has developed some of today’s most distinctive and exciting IPs” said STW’s CEO Savin Yeatman-Eiffel. “We’re very happy today to collaborate with such a talented and creative company as NitroPlus, and to help introduce their work to fresh new international audiences”.

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