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A selection of short films produced at STW, both as a recreation and as a mean to experiment with new formats and techniques:

Molly Star-Racer

The pilot of the hit series: Oban Star-Racers, directed by Savin Yeatman-Eiffel & Thomas Romain.LEAF AWARD 2001; nominated Best Editing IMAGINA AWARDS 2002; selected at Annecy 2002, Anima Mundi 2002, BAF! 2002, Cartoonbria (…)


An off-beat tribute to the underground free-party scene of the early 90s, directed by Savin Yeatman-Eiffel. In a squat, an odd group of misfits lives only to party… Selected at Anima Mundi 2000, Annecy 2002, Aiijic Fest. Int. de Cine Mexico, 7th Annual Chicago Underground Film Fest, 7th New York Underground Film Fest, 6th Victoria Independent Film & Video Fest, 2nd Boston annual Underground Film Fest, 4th Kinofilm Int. Manchester Film Fest (…)