Resynchronization of Oban’s dubs in progress

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Jérome Wiciak, Oban’s original sound-engineer, has been painstakingly resynchronized all the dubs at the correct frame rate of 24 frames per second and removed all existing breaks. Here’s an updated sample in 10 languages.

You may note that as a result the voices of some European dubs sound slightly deeper, but there’s no workaround given the state of the material we managed to recover. We’ll try to fit as many of these dubs as we can on the upcoming bluray release, while also necessarily taking into account the disks’ maximum storage capacity.

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For reminder:

The Oban Star-Racers bluray will give Oban fans a chance to see the series in the way it was orignally intended, as well as to enjoy a host of exclusive new bonuses :

  • 1080p quality based on the original HD production masters which were never used until now.
  • A host of different dubbings including French, English, Japanese and more.
  • The remastered 70 minutes long Oban Star-Racers making-of, directed by Alex Pilot with new HD intertitles, HD extracts, and rescanned HD production artworks.
  • An exclusive interview with Oban Star-Racers’ creator and director: Savin Yeatman-Eiffel and character designer and director: Thomas Romain.
  • And much more!