Resynchronization of Oban’s dubs in progress

Jérome Wiciak, Oban’s original sound-engineer, has been painstakingly resynchronized all the dubs at the correct frame rate of 24 frames per second and removed all existing breaks. Here’s an updated sample in 10 languages. You may note that as a result the voices of some European dubs sound slightly deeper, but there’s no workaround given...

OSR collector bluray set for release in 2021 !

After months of negotiations, made only more difficult by the current Covid pandemic, Sav! The World has finally completed a deal to access a wide ranging of existing Oban Star Racers dubs. The “Oban bluray project” is back on track for a 2021 release – 15th anniversary of Oban’s first broadcast! The next step now...

OSR collector bluray in preparation

Finalized en HD, Oban Star-Racers had only been screened and released on dvd in SD at the time of its release. Sav! The World’s team currently prepares a collector bluray edition, to be financed via crowdfunding. This new release will give Oban fans a chance to see the series in the best possible way as...

OSR original team develops sequel and spinoff

Oban Star-Racers creator Savin Yeatman-Eiffel announced he was working on a potential sequel and spinoff of the series, in collaboration with OSR character designer and co-director Thomas Romain.

Oban 10th Anniversary Celebration !

It’s already been 10 years since Oban Star-Racers‘ first broadcast. To celebrate the occasion, a number of events were held during the Japan Tours Festival: screenings of episodes and pilots, including previously unreleased footage, conferences, artwork exhibition etc. in presence of Savin Yeatman-Eiffel, Oban’s creator-writer-director, and Stanislas Brunet, Oban’s mecha-designer.